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☆Recommended☆Want acceleration and both mileage DTT ECU tune(Digi-Tec by TEZZO)for Alfa Romeo 4c

☆Recommended☆Want acceleration and both mileage DTT ECU tune(Digi-Tec by TEZZO)for Alfa Romeo 4c

Selling Price: US$2,280.00(tax incl.)


DTT ECU tune(Digi-Tec by TEZZO)for Alfa Romeo 4C

DTT  『specially designed for Alfa Romeo 4C』 by TEZZO arrived!


The DTT ECU tune (Digi-Tec by TEZZO) is the ECU software which is codeveloped by Germany, Digi-Tec  and Japan, TEZZO.


(note)About a product with this mark
・Because it is special function parts, you only can buy at sores equiped with certain technique,knowledge, maintenance.

・The store where you can purchase is limited


 ※Even though your car is same model or grade, It is possible that the stock ECU model is changed by circumstances of the manufacturer  In that case, some time we can manage it, but ohers we can't install it, please excuse us.

Price:200,000円(Before tax)

Installation wages separately:30,000円(Before tax)


《Reservation method》

1If you want to install it at T.BASE,  put it in the cart and advanceand write the date and time  on the remarks column to book.When we confirmed, we send you an e-mail. Depending on reservation status,we can't take according to date and time you want.Thank you for your understanding.


2If you are away and wan to install it at DTT professional shops all over Japan, please contact us.

3,If you have  normal engine with intake and exhaust system other than TEZZO (stock except exthaust and air cleaner), We charge you "product list price + wage (ECU install, soft re-write, check run included )+ re-setting wage". In addition, we can't cover by warrancy and price is different, so please contact us.

4,If you have tuned engine (catalyzer,bulb,cam,piston, e.t.c replacement),we hane to design for your car.After we checked your car, we consider tuning menue, so please contact us.


《Individual information》

Grade:4C 1.75L

Digi-Tec standard UP value:37ps

DTT UP value:40.7ps

※It is the reference value.Depending on the status of your car and individual difference, value can be different.



《Parts common information》

(1) Releasing engine's original performance ! Set to Japanese traffic condition.

Digi-Tec in Germany is one of the most famous ECU tuner in the world with great result and trust. They develop their product in Germany, so it is desirable to develop specific tuning for Japan or other Asian countries because traffic situation is so different.We managed to increase about 10% more power and torque.We aimed to get aggressive acceralation,nice sporty feeling,eliminating wrong feeling because of the invironmental difference,shortening time on truck.


(2)High power with safety

(1)Good balance on ride,economy and safty by specific feeling.

DTT use way more parameters on the program domain to tune ECU than any other competitors.They can rewrite the program efficiently without changing waring and learning function on each censors.

That is why we can addupt your situation and can set to pull out maxmum effect with usability,legitimacy and safety.The more you improve the precision, the more balanced on ride,economy and safety.


(2)Official guarantee of the reliability by TUV

"The ECU softwarewhich DTT provides passed a severe inspection standard,TUV (tofuassociation of technical inspection in GermanyDIN ISO EN 9,001:2,000. Generaly, we can get huge power and torque than stock by changing programs.Thourh,TUV  certification is like a warranty to run a car on high speed with safety,so in order to pass we have to make sure not only engines,but missoin and def  would last for certain years.the point is that DTT has the endorsement having pased one of the most sever produt test.


(3)Certainty by the check run

The ECU tune brings power, but when we get used to it, we take it for granted.In order to make sure tuned right,after installed it skilled staff drive and checkit ( Only at our show roomT.BASE and proffetional shops).


(3)Fuel economy improvement

It is effective to accelerate smoothly and cruise on constant speed and turn off the gass and run by inertia when the light turned red for ecomomic drive.DTT ECU sport tune is set to do this.You get thick fuel when you accelerate and you get theoretical air-fuel ratio when you cruise


I accelerate smoothly to perform energy saving driving though it is not suddenand it iseffective to take the constant-speed run fora long time earlyAnd and it is a saved driving method of the fuel smoothly that I turn off an accelerator early if a signal becomes the redand run by inertiaI premise such a driving method and set the DTT ECU sports tuneI strengthen an accelerating force by fuel increase in quantity at the time of the acceleration and am setting to save fuel by bringing it close to the theory sky mileage than a standard by the constant-speed run.


(4)Design for each type of the car


《User's impression》

User's impression is here>>>



*It was introduced in "GENROQ" October, 2015 issue.

*It was introduced in "Tipo" May,2015 issue.



Q:Intake and exhaust is normal, can i get some effect?

A:You can get the best paformance on stock or with TEZZO exhaust and carbon fiber air intake system.But,if you use exthaust other than TEZZO  which we can't get  precise data or if you do additional tuning,you need to rewrite it in some cases.


Q:Because I am away, I can't visit your store. Is it possible to install at dealerships?

A:Some is possible  but Others are not. Tell us where you want to install,we can arrenge for you.

Q:Please tell me how much power and torque I can get.

A:Each type of cars have its standard improvement value, so please contact us.Speaking about torque, we set to produce moch torque on low to midle range,so we are sure you can feel the difference. On the other hand we do specific setting rather than just pulling out power, so please check acceleration too.


Q:Do I hane to take DTT to you to install? For example, Is it possible to do at nearby dealership?

A:About DTT,Could you tell me about the dealership od shops that you often go to if you have

Q:Is it subcompucter or re-write?

A:This is not a subcomputer. DTT rewrites on software co-developed by Digi-Tec and TEZZO so you can trust.


《Our blog》 

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☆Recommended☆Want acceleration and both mileage DTT ECU tune(Digi-Tec by TEZZO)for Alfa Romeo 4c

Selling Price: US$2,280.00(tax incl.)