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Less brake dust!! Bre'c TEZZO brake system brake pad Alfa Romeo

Less brake dust!! Bre'c TEZZO brake system <CLEAN SPORT> brake pad Alfa Romeo

Selling Price: US$298.00(tax incl.)




for Alfa Romeo 4c


TEZZO featured product,on  brake pad "clean sports ," line, for Alfa Romeo 4C appeared!!




What TEZZO aim is not just "work"



                                              Works everytime and can control with ease


                                   the braking distance can't be shorten without confort from that

                            On that idea, TEZZO developed  "TEZZO BD System PAD" for street use 

                                    which can be custom made depending on your car or pupose

                   Brake pad pursued heat resistance temperature, a coefficient of friction and rear-front balance,

                                                is  this "clean sport" (TEZZO original brake pad).



《Parts common information》


 A)    Why do you choose "clean sports" (TEZZO original brake pad)?:



 TEZZO's brake is repeatedly experimented and developed with first class friction material maker




and specially designed and optimized for Alfa romeo 4C.



B)    What is the optimization?? 


For the brake pad, the most important thing is to slow down and stop according to the intention of the driver under any situation. Delicate control can't be done if I work too much on  beginning region  or work too.


Here  arises the demand for natural feeling brake pad react to how you step-in.

In order to make effective brake you have to mesure difference of workload between front and rear and optimize front and rear distribution.

"clean sports"(TEZZO original brake pad) realized that.






By such  basic characteristic, We realized extremely natural brake feel of Alfa Romeo 4C,


 and enable us to drive more comfortably and safely.




C) Other features of clean sports (TEZZO original brake pad)?



(1) Low brakes dust specifications!!!


It often happens that wheels become black in brakes dust,even though you use the stock brake pad.
The TEZZO Break PAD is designed to produce less brake dust while we get enohrh power to stop on the street.


                                                           example) dust from stock brake pad

                                                     It is hard to wash. (especially in stylish spoke)



shiney white wheel  !!

Even in a white wheel we can't find the dust !



(2)Only a little dust


 general dust less brake has problems such as strongness,noise,e.t.c.

 On high level balance "clean sport" managed it.


(3)Better effect than stock brake pad.



The thing that is important not only Alfa Romeo 4C suports run above all in the general way,


It is brakes performance to be able to stop safely as the driver intended.


Therefore while reducing clean sports  dust


I realize extremely natural brakes feel.




(4)Performance improves at low cost!


For the replacement of the brake pad which has been worn of course with a saw,


The performance enhancement of Alfa Romeo 4C is realized at low cost, too.




《User  impression

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《Our media》


It was introduced as "a brake pad of the magic that a quality goods studio user looked forward" to with Tipo.




Q:How much are appropriate temperature, the coefficient of friction?

A:I'm sorry. This does not show it. When it is compared with other companies, I cannot necessarily compare it at appropriate temperature because structures are different each. Our brake pad secures a sufficient braking force in a street run, a high-speed run


Q:How much is the delivery date?

A:When it is the product without the sensor, I usually have time of approximately 3-5 days when it is in stock. The product which there is a sensor in assumes it complete build-to-order manufacturing and has time until shipment for approximately 7-10 days.


Q:For a distant place, I cannot call at TEZZO BASE. I buy it by a mail order, and is the installation possible in dealers??

A:There is possible store. Because you introduce because there is the network of the installation shop in the whole country in TEZZO STYLE if you can refer, please refer willingly


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Less brake dust!! Bre'c TEZZO brake system <CLEAN SPORT> brake pad Alfa Romeo

Selling Price: US$298.00(tax incl.)